Activating Cortana: Your Windows 10 Digital Voice Assistant

Having a more personalized experience in Windows 10 is the primary goal of Cortana, your newest digital assistant introduced by Microsoft. She has been developed to become one of the smartest operating system features, which never existed in the previous Windows versions. She has been tailored to include a natural language-driven... Read more

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Enhancement Features

Creating a more reliable and stable operating system that can be used by multiple devices, Microsoft has envisioned and developed Windows 10 to become the most versatile platform. It has been loaded with a multitude of innovative features and applications that enhance the user's productivity, safety and personalized experiences. Built on the NT... Read more

Getting Around Your Windows 10 Update and Security Settings

Through the years, Microsoft has always aimed to bring to perfection their operating system platform. With the latest Windows 10 version, they have incorporated more update and security features in its settings to improve performance, stability and reliability. The primary goal of the new design is to safeguard your machine from a wide variety of... Read more

How To Keep Your PC Clean

One of the most convenient things about owning a Windows PC is the fact that Windows is by far the most popular operating system among personal computer users. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks of owning a Windows PC is that it’s so popular. On one hand, the popularity of Windows is the reason why it’s compatible with more programs,... Read more

6 Best MacBook Accessories

  There are a ton of MacBook accessories out there, but it can be a problem to determine which ones are actually worth purchasing, because it seems like everyone is cashing in on the Apple bandwagon. Ease your mind, because a list of the best MacBook accessories out there are listed below, and will make using your MacBook so much easier... Read more

4 Best Free Mac Apps

So, you have a shiny new Mac and you want to get some of the hottest applications for it. Well, that’s easier said than done, because the app store is absolutely flooded with developers wanting you to try out their latest creation. This can make it very difficult, especially if you’re a Mac newbie. Plus, some of the best Mac apps aren’t even... Read more

6 Mac Apps That Are Worth Paying For

A lot of great apps can be found in the app store that are completely free, but there are some that command a hefty price tag. Chances are, you’re wondering which ones are actually worth paying for. Below, you’ll find a list of apps that are totally worth their price, and will definitely enhance your Mac experience. 1: Pages Download... Read more

4 Best E-Mail Clients

  E-mail is essential if you’re browsing the internet these days, and has been around for decades now. That being said, it’s certainly not going to disappear off the face of the planet anytime soon, so you may as well find an e-mail client that you enjoy using. Below you’ll find the best e-mail clients out there, so you can give them... Read more

7 Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Learn

  Have you ever seen someone operating their Mac and they move at blazingly fast speeds? Chances are, we all have, and we’ve all been completely envious of that guy. After all, it would be nice just to be so comfortable on your Mac that your hands are never left reaching for the mouse. If you learn the proper keyboard shortcuts, you can... Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Slow

  There’s absolutely nothing wor se than a computer that is beginning to slow down. It can happen for numerous reasons, and the more you use your computer, the more likely it is to slow down. As you surf the web, download music, movies, files, programs, etc… You’re filling your hard drive up, and over time, there’s definitely going... Read more

5 Apps That Will Change Your Life in 2016

  It’s the beginning of 2016, and most people have made some new year resolutions that they’d love to change their life. Lucky for you, we have a list of apps that will hopefully help you achieve the goals that you have in mind. Since a lot of goals revolve around self-improvement, you can expect the majority of this list to focus on... Read more

3 Best Smartphones of 2016

So, you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone to buy, huh? Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise, as a lot of the carriers are currently rolling out new plans, plus there’s some really hot phones currently on the market, but which one should you choose? Below, you’ll find a list of the three best smartphones that are currently on the market,... Read more

5 Tips For Faster Wi-Fi

  So, you signed up for an internet plan that promises insanely fast download speeds, but you’re not getting anywhere near what you were promised. Could this be a fault of the internet service provider, or is it something on your end that’s causing a lack in the services you were promised? Chances are, there’s some things hindering... Read more

5 Best Streaming Media Players

With all of the streaming services out there, it’s become so much easier to get rid of all of your physical media and switch over to streaming your content. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other streaming services are among some of the best out there, but what physical hardware should you pick up to stream these services? Well,... Read more

How to do defrag a hard drive and make it faster

We use a hard disk for storing and accessing data. When a computer stores data onto hard disk drive, it is not always possible to put all the data together. In this situation, some parts of the data can be written near the beginning of the hard disk and the rest of the data can go to the end of the disk. Often this scenario causes hurdles and our... Read more

Deleting cookies and browsing history from main browsers

Cookies: Cookies are some information which is stored by different website in your browser. For example: login information (username, password). Sometime these cookies are needed to delete for security purpose. This article shows you how to delete cookies from Firefox, internet explorer (IE 9 or later) and Google chrome. Browsing history:... Read more

Installing latest NVIDIA drivers in your pc

If you own an NVIDIA GPU you will have to update its driver time to time. Playing GPU hungry games require these updates for a better experience of gaming. Two steps are briefly required for such purpose. Getting the latest updates Installing the latest driver. Getting the latest updates Having NVIDIA Geforce Experience installed in... Read more