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Installing windows 8/8.1 from USB device

A common way of installing windows to a personal computer is to install using a USB device or flash drive. Since many new design personal computers, especially tablets, netbooks and smaller laptops do not have any optical drives, it only requires an USB drive to install Windows 8.1 and later versions. Windows 8/8.1 is also downloadable as disc images (ISO file). All it requires is to make an USB device bootable. We can either copy the contents of the disc image or make windows installable USB device directly by inserting the ISO file directly by some sort of software. A lot of free software for creating ISO to USB is out there in the internet. We can make use of them for an easier installation.

Minimum requirements:

An USB device (3 gb or more for installation).

A windows 8/8.1 supported desktop/netbook/tablet/laptop.

Required amount of time

To read the required files into an USB flash drive or other external device would take between 15-30 minutes. It mostly depends on your hardware or speed of your USB device.

Required steps of installing Windows 8/8.1 from USB drive

  1. First get the ISO file of Windows 8/8.1. Then Download ISO to USB software from http://www.isotousb.com/ and install the software.
  2. 2. Open the software > Browse and select the ISO file > Select the USB drive needed for installation > Select the file system (Fat 32, ExFat or NTFS).
  3. Click on Burn and wait for the process to be completed. If the process is completed successfully, then you will be notified that your burn process is successful else something wrong has been occurred. In this case, you have to repeat the whole process or change the USB device.1
  4. Now connect the burned USB to the PC you want to install Windows and restart that PC.
  5. While restarting your PC go to the Boot menu. To go to boot menu, press F10 (for Intel motherboard). For this purpose, the key can be different for other motherboards. While in boot menu, select USB drive and press Enter. Now it will start installing windows on your PC. Wait for a while.2
  6. Now a Window will appear. Fill all the information and click next.     3
  7. When next window shows click on Install now and wait.                     4
  8. Then you will see the terms and conditions of Microsoft. If you wish, you can read those conditions. Accept the license terms and click next.                                                                         5
  9. You will be asked for selecting the type of installation. Select custom install for specifying the drive first. Else, Windows will be installed on the default system drive and customization option will not be shown.                         6
  10. Then, Select the drive you want to install windows and click next.       7
  11. Now wait for the process to finish. Your PC will restart several times to complete the process.                                   8
  12. In next steps give your PC a name and press next.                                       9
  13. After being redirected to personalize setting you can choose customize or express setting.                                 10
  14. Then setup your account by providing the required information.                                                                                         11
  15. Click Finish and wait. Your personalized account will be set in a while.                                                                                      12
  16. Finally, at the end of previous process it will bring you to the desktop of newly installed windows 8/8.1.                131


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